Jersey General Hospital and our healthcare facilities

Our healthcare system is designed to provide world-class, patient centred care at Jersey General Hospital, within the community and at healthcare facilities throughout the Island.

Jersey General Hospital is the cornerstone of healthcare on the Island, providing essential medical care to over 100,000 Islanders and visitors.

Jersey General Hospital in St Helier is home to a team of over 2,000 medical professionals working across 30 departments. It operates as a central hub for healthcare, playing a pivotal role in providing exceptional patient-centred medical services to the Island’s community.

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the hospital delivers a comprehensive range of specialist medical care and services, from acute to emergency care and outpatient care to community health services.

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Healthcare services in Jersey

Our healthcare facilities include the brand-new Enid Quenault outpatient facility that has been equipped with a gym and enhanced staff wellbeing facilities. This is the first of many exciting steps towards Jersey’s new, fit for purpose healthcare facilities that meet our Island’s growing needs.

Join our diverse team of health and care professionals making a difference to lives of Islanders every day.

Enid Quenault Centre

Working in an island healthcare environment like Jersey you get to know people quickly. Our training and education programmes give you the opportunity to meet people across government. This creates a strong sense of community and professional comradery within the healthcare system.

There is a wide variety of training and development available to nurses in Jersey. We have links with Robert Gordon University and provide access to ongoing training and development as well as degree and masters level study. We provide education and training to support career progression into specialist roles as well as management and leadership roles.

Jessie Marshall

Chief Nurse

Enid Quenault Health and Wellbeing Centre

A brand-new, cutting-edge outpatient facility named after the esteemed politician, Enid Quenault, celebrated for her enduring commitment to Jersey. This modern centre consolidates a diverse array of outpatient services in a single, well-equipped location. It features spacious consultation rooms, inviting public areas, a café with extended operating hours and excellent staff facilities, including showers and dedicated staff rest area.

How our healthcare services work together to support Islanders

Our healthcare system is designed to provide cohesive, patient-centred care through the coordination of multidisciplinary teams.

General Practitioners serve as the initial point of contact, directing patients and making referrals to specialists when necessary. These specialists, available at Jersey General Hospital, offer secondary care services, primarily accessed through GP referrals. Meanwhile, community health services extend healthcare to homes and communities, while mental health services address both outpatient and inpatient needs.

Additionally, the private healthcare sector offers supplementary services. In specific cases, Jersey collaborates with the NHS in the UK for specialist care.


Is Health & Community Services in Jersey part of the NHS?

Jersey is not part of the UK and therefore our health and community services are not part of the NHS. We form part of the Government of Jersey, with a Minister for Health and Social Services appointed. We also have oversight by a Health & Community Services advisory board.

What is the scope of Health & Community Services in Jersey?

We provide of a wide array of hospital services, social care and support in the community, such as:

  • providing hospital care including emergency care, intensive care and maternity services and in the UK when needed
  • providing social care services, and services in the community
  • monitoring and improvement of the quality of all services
  • the education and development of medical professionals
  • the provision of a coordinated approach to mental health care
  • offering free, private and confidential counselling services
  • influencing and creating conditions that allow people to improve their health
How is the department organised?

Services are delivered through the following key Care Groups:

Adult Mental Health and Adult Social Care:
works collaboratively with adults and their families in Jersey alongside hospital colleagues and key Government of Jersey departments such as Customer and Local Services (CLS), Children Young People Education and Skills (CYPES), the States of Jersey Police, the third Sector and charitable agencies. The aim is to provide effective support services, safeguard vulnerable adults as well as to promote health, wellbeing, welfare, and quality of life. Multi-disciplinary working is key to ensuring care and support is respectful of human rights and is strength-based in nature. We believe that all individuals have the right to expect a high standard of compassionate, individualised, person-centred and, in relation to mental health, recovery focused care and treatment.

Medical and Unscheduled Care:
supports our emergency care and medical speciality services. It includes the Emergency Department and Emergency Assessment Unit at the hospital as well as the medical inpatient wards and outpatient specialisms. This care group works closely together with colleagues in Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) who lead the Ambulance Service, a critical part of our unscheduled care pathway.

Primary, Preventative and Immediate Care with Therapies and Community Dental:
is responsible for the undertaking of governance functions, performance management and oversight of the primary care service. The team works in partnership with primary care and community-based health care providers as well as external regulators and other Government departments. The Care Group is responsible for preventative programmes including cancer screening for breast, bowel, and cervical cancer. The team also run comprehensive services for both diabetic retinopathy and smoking cessation. In addition, the Care Group is accountable for the administrative functions of delivering child health programmes and immunisations. Therapies comprises Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Dietetics and Podiatry teams. Therapies provide timely and excellent therapeutic assessment and intervention for Islanders. The service aims to develop and provide unification of therapies across multiple patient pathways and to provide a bridge between acute hospital and community provision.

Surgical and Scheduled Care:
provides specialist hospital functions covering our inpatient wards, the Day Surgery Unit, the Operating Departments, and Intensive care. The Pain Service, Radiology Department, and Private Patient Services are also included.

Women’s, Children’s and Family Services:
provides services throughout the Hospital and community that relate to women, children and families, including functions such as maternity, gynaecology, assisted reproduction and the special care baby unit. Maternity services provide ante, intra and postnatal care for women until 28 days after giving birth. This comprises monitoring the health and wellbeing of mother and baby, providing advice and support, including caring for vulnerable women and their families, women with medical complexities, foetal medicine, and perinatal loss. The care group is responsible for gynaecology outpatient services offering an early pregnancy assessment, colposcopy, assisted reproduction clinics, termination of pregnancy service and other specialist clinics relating to women’s health. The care group supports the delivery of physical health care of children both within the inpatient and outpatient setting. The care group works closely together with Children, Young People, Education and Skills (CYPES) around Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) services.

The future – new healthcare facilities

It’s an exciting time to join Jersey’s healthcare system as it undergoes significant transformation starting in 2024. The Island is investing in modernising and expanding its healthcare facilities and services – a decision shaped by extensive input from the public, stakeholders and healthcare experts.

The initiative follows a thorough review which recommends a phased approach involving 3 key healthcare facilities in Jersey: an acute (inpatient) facility at Overdale on the outskirts of St Helier; an ambulatory (outpatient) facility at Kensington Place in central St Helier; and a health village in the east of the Island in St Saviour, with capacity for rehabilitation and long-term care facilities.

This comprehensive plan is designed to meet Jersey’s future healthcare needs in light of a growing population with changing needs, all rolled-out in manageable phases. Public engagement has been instrumental in tailoring these changes to meet the community’s needs, ensuring accessible and world-class healthcare services for all in Jersey’s future.

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