Become an island Nurse

Jersey stands out as an enviable and attractive location for nursing with our patient-to-nurse ratio of 6 to 1 and immediate access to a world of training and development opportunities.

Average patient to registered nurse ratios of 6 to 1.

Immediate access to further study and courses with Robert Gordon University.

Competitive salaries and a coveted work-life balance.

Direct access to supportive, welcoming and supervisory ward managers.

What makes Jersey appealing for Nurses?

Interim Chief Nurse, Jessie Marshall, explains why she thinks Jersey stands out as an ideal place for nurses to develop professionally, inspire change and enjoy their nursing careers.

Be part of a small Island where you can make a big impact.

Jersey is a small but exciting Island of 9 by 5 miles nestled between England and France with a population of over 100,000.

As a nurse working within our hospital or in the community you will feel a real sense of fulfilment. Knowing that you’re an integral part of a smaller community’s healthcare system means you can see the direct connection between your efforts and the community’s overall health and quality of life.

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You are not lost in a sea of hundreds of nurses, which is the case in the UK. There is a different atmosphere in Jersey, you are more supported and people listen to nurses. We are often invited to focus groups, where you can voice your opinions and nurses ask for help, swapping shifts for emergency days off and supporting one another.

Leanne Fothergill

Mental Health Nurse

Jersey: a life less ordinary

As well as access to fresh sea air and and flexible work shifts, we provide immediate on-Island access to degrees and training with Robert Gordon University.

At Jersey General Hospital, we can provide the right education and a wealth of opportunity. Our ward managers are 100% supervisory and here to support you in your career.

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Is there an opportunity for education development?

There is a link with the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen for a variety of courses up to Masters level. We support study leave and attendance at off-Island conferences. We provide a variety of in-house education, expresso sessions and on island conferences.

Is there an opportunity for rotation nursing posts?

We are currently exploring a planned approach for opportunities for nurses in adult nursing to rotate between specialities. This is proving successful within the paediatric and neonatal department where they currently offer 6-month rotation posts.

Is the banding equivalent to agenda for change?

The pay banding differs from agenda for change with a higher rate of pay and a lower rate of tax. Nursing and midwifery payscales can be found here GD Nurses and Midwives pay scales.pdf (, a tax calculator can be found here How tax works calculator (

What support is available on arrival to my new position?

When you arrive, we offer a minimum of two weeks supernummary and an allocated supervisory throughout your 26-week probation period. We have supervisory ward managers that will offer support throughout your onboarding process.

Do you have a flexible working policy ?

We have a flexible working policy and applications will be fully considered. A copy of the flexible working policy can be found here Flexible working policy for public servants (

Do you provide nursing accommodation?

We offer landing accommodation for your first 6 to 12 months, at reduced rates, which will allow you to settle into the island and provide you the opportunity to find future accommodation. Details of the policy can be found here Priority Key Role Policy (

Why Jersey?

As an Island resident, you will be part of a safe and inclusive society with access to a range of high performing schools. As well as miles of sandy beaches and a rich cultural heritage, you will benefit from an enviable work-life balance and low personal and business taxes. As the most southern point of the British Isles, you can also look forward to warm summers and mild winters by the sea.

Welcome to a life less ordinary in Jersey.

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