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Step into a world where breathtaking scenery unfolds, where safety and inclusivity thrive and where miles of sandy beaches beckon during warm summers and mild winters. This is your invitation to embrace a life that’s far from ordinary in Jersey.

40 daily flights in and out of the island from numerous UK airports and frequent direct ferries to France.

A unique Anglo-French culture with English as a first language and GBP as our currency.

The fastest internet speed in the world (264.52Mbps).

Effortless Island commutes with short travel times and eco-friendly options like bikes and electric vehicles.

The highest number of sunshine hours in the British Isles.

Exceptional education with consistently high exams results and diverse choices.

A rich history and unique cultural attractions such as Jersey War Tunnels, Jersey Museum and Jersey Heritage sites.

The lowest crime rates in the British Isles with a crime rate of around half that of England.

When we moved to Jersey, we were sent an agent to help us find a home and settle. More than that, the agent told us about the best restaurants and beaches and took us to St Brelade’s beach to show us around. This made a big difference to my husband and I when we first moved– we felt more settled and so welcome.

Dianna Bernardo

Surgical Nurse

I love where I live now. Even though I brought my car over from the UK, I never use it. In Jersey you can walk everywhere and being by the sea is just wonderful.

Lucinda Trussell



Where is Jersey? 

Just 14 miles (20km) from the west coast of France and 85 miles (137km) from the south coast of England, you’ll find the Island of Jersey. The Island is easy to get to from the UK and mainland Europe. There are up to 40 daily flights in and out of the Island.

What is the local currency and language? 

We speak English and use British Pounds (GBP).

What are the tax laws in Jersey and how do they differ from the UK?

Jersey is a self-governing Crown Dependency with its own parliament and government and fiscal and legal systems.

You’ll pay tax on income, goods and services, but there’s no capital gains or inheritance tax.

The maximum personal tax rate is 20%, and Jersey has exemption thresholds and a marginal rate of tax to protect people on lower incomes.

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What would my employment status be if I moved to Jersey?

Everyone who lives in Jersey has a residential and employment status issued by Customer and Local Services. These statuses can have restrictions for working in the Island.

When you start a new job in Jersey, your employer will need to see your registration card which shows your residential and employment status. When you arrive in Jersey, you need to visit Customer and Local Services to get your card.

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How do I go about finding somewhere to live? 

Where you can live mainly depends on your residential and employment status but also depends on your budget, lifestyle and circumstances. If you are moving over to work as a nurse, we offer landing accommodation for your first 6 to 12 months and this will provide you with the opportunity to find future accommodation.

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What is the school system like in Jersey?

Jersey’s education system consists of nurseries, pre-schools and compulsory primary school from age 4 until 11 and secondary school until 16. You can also take 2 optional, additional years of further education or training.

The quality of education and care in Jersey’s schools is exceptional. This can be seen in the Island’s consistently high exam results. Jersey provides a variety of both public and private schools across the Island.

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What are the travel and transport options available in Jersey? Do I need to change my licence plates?

In Jersey, we drive on the left-hand side of the road, like the UK. The Island’s maximum speed limit is 40mph (64 km). If you are bringing your car over to Jersey, you need to change your UK licence plates to Jersey ones.

We have a regular bus system and good links into St Helier via bike and bus from all parishes.

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What personal healthcare delivery can I expect? Does this differ to the NHS?

Jersey offers extensive and quality healthcare services, with private and state supported options available.
Jersey doesn’t have the NHS, healthcare services are instead delivered by ‘Health and Community Services’ (HCS).

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Nurture your career

As well as access to invigorating sea air and and flexible work schedules, we offer immediate access to on-Island degrees and training with Robert Gordon University. Jersey General Hospital is your gateway to quality education and abundant professional opportunities. Our ward managers are dedicated to providing unwavering support throughout your career journey.

What’s more, working in an Island community, you will see and feel the extraordinary impact of your care and dedication every day

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